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About Us

Welcome to! is a legal service where you can find regulations and all practical information concerning Polish citizenship. The service is addressed to persons who have Polish origins and would like to confirm their Polish citizenship and obtain a Polish passport. So if you are a Polish emigrant who emigrated from Poland in the past or you are a descendant of a Polish emigrant, then will help you „regain” Polish citizenship.
The service includes the following sections:

  • Polish citizenship – contains basic information on the legal regulations concerning acquiring Polish citizenship. It is divided into two subsections:
    • Polish emigrants – about Polish emigrants' and their descendants’ citizenship
    • Regulations – about legal regulations concerning Polish citizenship
  • Polish passport – complete information on the procedure of applying for a Polish passport and necessary documents
  • The rights of EU citizens – information on the basic EU citizens’ rights

The survey and forum are important elements of the service. The survey is addressed to persons of Polish origins and allows to check whether they still have Polish citizenship. The forum helps to exchange information between the users.

The service is divided into free and paid sections. The paid section includes legal articles and the survey.