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Important information
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Every Polish citizen has the right to obtain a Polish passport. As explained in the section: Polish citizenship confirmation, persons of Polish origin who want to apply for a Polish passport first need to receive their Polish citizenship certification. Only after obtaining the certification decision is a person entitled to apply for a Polish passport. The passport allows its bearer to cross borders and stay abroad. Moreover, it confirms Polish citizenship and the identity of its holder. A Polish passport also confirms EU citizenship. A Polish passport features the following details:

  • surname;
  • name (names);
  • date and place of birth;
  • citizenship;
  • sex;
  • the holder's facial photography and signature;
  • date of issuing and expiry date of the passport;
  • series and number of the passport;
  • PESEL number;
  • the name of the issuing department;
  • biometric data.

The passport is valid for 10 years starting from the date of issuing. However, in the case of minors over 5 and under 13, the passport is valid for 5 years from the date of issuing. In some cases, it is possible to issue a temporary passport (read more in: Temporary passport).

In the following sections you will learn how to obtain a Polish passport and what the procedure is. See: Polish passport application, Polish passport–official charges, How to complete the passport application, etc.