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The influence on a family's citizenship

The Polish citizenship regulations are based on the Jus Sanguinis (right of blood). This means that a child acquires Polish citizenship through being born to parents of whom at least one has Polish citizenship regardless of the fact whether the child was born abroad or in Poland (more in: Polish citizenship). In other words, the children of a person who has obtained Polish citizenship confirmation are also Polish citizens. It does not matter that the children had been born before their parent obtained Polish citizenship confirmation. Polish citizenship confirmation is the evidence that a person has been a Polish citizen since birth.

Therefore, it is a mere formality for children to acquire Polish citizenship confirmation if their parent (or parents) have already obtained it. However, it is necessary to submit Polish citizenship confirmation applications for each child separately.

The above rule does not apply to the wife or husband of a person who has obtained Polish citizenship confirmation. In other words, marrying a Polish citizen does not automatically result in acquiring Polish citizenship by the spouse.