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Council of World Polonia – is a consultative body of Polish diaspora of 20 countries. It was created in 1978 in Toronto (before 1993 it was called Coordination Council of Free World Polonia). The members of the Council are central Polish diaspora organizations in the settlement countries and international Polish diaspora organizations. The Council headquarters is situated in Chicago.


Polish Association in Johannesburg
The organization was created in 1948 (the initial name: The Association of Polish Settlers in South Africa) and a Polish magazine „Pod Krzyżem Południa” (Under the Cross of South) was issued for the first time. The name of the magazine was later changed into „Komunikat” (The Message) and then into „Wieści Polonijne” (Polish News) which has been issued monthly since then. The name Polish Association in Johannesburg came into the use in 1973. The main aims of the organization are maintaining national, cultural, public and social connection between the Poles and cultivating Polish tradition. The Association organizes national and religious celebrations. There are also a Polish school and the folk dance group „Orzeł Biały” (White Eagle) – the only group of this kind in RPA.

South America

The Union of Polish Associations and Organizations in Latin America
The Union links Polish diaspora organizations of Latin America countries together. It was created in 1993 during the 1st Congress of Latin American Polish Diaspora and officially registered in 1994. The main initiator and chairman is Jan Kobylański. The main aim of the Union is to bring together the Poles and Latin America citizens with Polish origins through organizing cultural and social events, showing new opportunities of work for Poland, underlining the values of Polish culture and Polish diaspora. The Union's work is strictly connected with Latin America Polish Diaspora Congress which takes place every two years. Moreover, each year in November, in Punta del Este in Uruguay General Meetings of The Union of Polish Associations and Organizations in Latin America are organized.

North America

Canadian Polish Congress
The central representation of the Polish diaspora with the headquarters in Toronto. It was created in 1944 and based on the structures of the Union of Polish Societies in Canada and the Union of the Poles in Canada. It is divided into 16 regional sections and includes over 240 Polish organizations with approximately 800 000 individual members (Polish Canadians).
The chairman of the Congress is chosen every 2 years during a general meeting of the representatives and the main board. The aim of the Congress is to supervise the cooperation between the Polish diaspora organizations. It focuses on promoting Polish culture, language and tradition and spreading knowledge of the Polish country among all Canadians. The current chairman is Teresa Berezowski.

Polish American Congress
It was established in 1944 in Buffallo, as a federation of over 100 Polish diaspora organizations in the USA. Its aim is to represent Polish diaspora before the US authorities. Currently, it includes 3 000 organizations and clubs consisting of over one million members. The Congress is divided into State Departments – the most numerous is the Illinois Department. Since 2005 the chairman of the congress has been Franciszek Spula.
Website: www.pac1944.org.


Federal Council of Polish Associations
The organization started in 1950 in Melbourne (until 2004 it operated as a Chief Council of Polish Diaspora in Australia) and associates the majority of Polish diaspora organizations working in Australia and New Zealand. The chairman is Andrzej Alwast OAM from Canberra.
Federations of Polish organizations joining tens of associations exists in all of the Australia states. The council includes specialized organs such as Education Commission dealing with educational system and General J. Kleeberg's Central Commission of Endowment Fund focused on financial support for the Polish diaspora enterprises.
Website: www.polish.org.au


Community of Polish Diaspora Organizations in Austria. „Polonia Forum”
The organization was registered in 1993 and currently associates 25 Polish diaspora organizations. The main tasks are the representation of Polish diaspora interests in relations with the Austrian and Polish authorities. It organizes annual Polish Days in Austria and Polish Diaspora Reunion. Since 2001, the chairman of „Polonia Forum” has been Andrzej Lech.

Polish Union in Belarus
The organization started in 1990 and has its roots in the Adam Mickiewicz Polish Educational & Cultural Association. Its main aim is the support of Polish education system, culture, tradition and press. Some of the member organizations are: Polish Artists Union, Polish Medical Society, ex-combatant groups and choirs. The organization is located in Grodno.
Website: www.zpb.org.pl

Polish Diaspora Congress in France
The federation started in 1949. It groups about 60 member associations and hundreds of individual members – 4000 people altogether, mainly from northern France. In 2007 – during celebrations of the Polish Year the congress organized over 700 different events promoting Poland, its culture and tradition. The Congress is located in Lens.

Polish Diaspora Congress in Germany
The organization was started in 1992 by 16 associations as a voluntary union of Polish diaspora organizations in Germany. The congress aspires to create the most widespread platform for cooperation between organizations and societies of Polish diaspora in Germany. It supports cultural activity and cultivates Polish tradition. It represents its member organizations and cares and good name of Polish and German nation.
Website: www.kongres.de

Federation of Poles in Great Britain
The federation started in 1947. It is an association of about 70 member organizations including Ex-Combatants as well as regional, youth and women's clubs. It is located in London. Włodzimierz Mier-Jędrzejowicz is the chairman.
Website: www.zpwb.org.uk


Polish Union in Kazakhstan
The organization was registered on April 10th, 1994 during Karaganda Congress and associates 14 district diaspora organizations with over 3600 people. The most active organizations operating in the most numerous Polish diaspora clusters – North Kazakhstan Province, Akmola Province, Almaty Province. Since 2008 nationwide youth organization has worked by the Union: Polish Union Youth Wing in Kazakhstan. 

Polish Diaspora Forum in Japan – TAMA
The organization started in 2000 and operates in Tokyo. It organizes meetings for Poles, dance events and trips. It is the editor of a Polish website in Japan.
Website: http://klikdotsystems.jp/stronapolska/files/forumtama.html