Foreigners in Poland

Under the Polish law, a foreigner is understood as everyone who does not have Polish citizenship. Accordingly, a foreigner is recognized as a citizen of another country, as well as a person without any citizenship (stateless person). The Polish law regulates in detail the terms and conditions of entry and residence of foreign nationals in the Polish territory. The Polish law makes it conditional upon the possession of certain documents by foreigners and upon complying with certain formalities. The requirements to be met by a foreigner who enters and/or stays on the Polish territory are much les strict vis-à-vis foreigners-citizens of the European Union Member States. In this section you will find among others:

  • what documents must a foreigner have when s/he crosses the Polish border,
  • under what conditions and how long a foreigner may be present on Polish territory,
  • what conditions must be met by a foreigner, and what steps s/he must take to get Polish citizenship.