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Polish citizenship guide


The application for granting Polish citizenship

The application for granting Polish citizenship shall be filed in the Polish province office competent as for the place of residence of the foreigner-applicant (if he lives in Poland) or in the Polish consular office (if he lives abroad). The application must be filed on the official form, completed personally in Polish. The application is addressed to the President of the Republic of Poland. The application shall be attached with the following documents:

  • officially certified copy of a valid document confirming the applicant’s identity and citizenship (a passport, and in the absence of a passport, a relevant travel document);
  • officially certified copy of: a residence card if the foreigner has been granted a settlement permit or a fixed-term domicile permit on Polish territory, a residence permit for a long-term EC resident; a permanent residence card of a family member of the EU citizen; a document confirming the right of a permanent residence; - more on the individual permits and residence cards can be found in the sections Legalization of the residence in Poland – EU nationals and Legalization of the residence in Poland – non-EU nationals...
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