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Real estate purchase

Any agreement of conveyancing real property in Poland, in particular the contract of sale, exchange or donation of real estate, must be concluded in a special form - a notarial deed. The agreement transferring the ownership of real estate which has not been concluded in the above form is invalid and shall have no effect. Agreements in the form of a notarial deed are drawn up by notaries, who are persons of public trust. To conclude an agreement in a notarial deed form, one should go to a notary office. Such offices are located in every major city in Poland, and in large cities there are several dozen of them or more. In exceptional cases, the agreement may be drawn by a notary public in a different place than the notary office, if it is in the nature of the agreement or special circumstances (e.g. an illness of the parties to the agreement). When one appears before a notary, one must produce an identity document (e.g. a passport) so that the notary was able to confirm the identity of the parties to the agreement.

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