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Polish citizenship guide


How to complete the passport application

The passport application is submitted on a special application form. The passport application form has to be completed in Polish in legible, block capitals. The application sections 1-14 need to be completed by an applicant.
Below, you can find the guidelines for completing the passport application form:
1. The first dotted line: please enter your current surname. The second dotted line: If you are FEMALE, please enter your family (maiden) name. If you are MALE, please put a dash. If you have changed your surname then you need to write all former surnames.
2. Please enter your name or names, as stated in your birth certificate.
3. Please enter in the following order:

  • your father’s name,
  • your mother’s name,
  • your mother’s family (maiden) name.

4. Please enter the date and place of birth of the person for whom the passport is to be issued.

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