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Examinations, diploma projects

In order to get credit for a semester, students need to pass all examinations.

The most common grade system in Poland includes the following grades: very good (5), good plus(4,5), good (4), satisfactory plus (3,5), satisfactory (3), unsatisfactory (fail) (2). Receiving a failing mark (2) means that a student has failed an examination. A student can take the same examination twice. Some universities also offer the possibility of a final resit if a student has received a failing mark for his two previous exams.

Each university course of study ends with writing a diploma project (Bachelor, Master’s, doctorate dissertation) and its defence. The defence of a diploma dissertation is an oral examination during which a graduate presents their diploma theses and conclusions or it is an examination taken before the examination board. Post-graduate studies might have a different system. They may end with writing a diploma dissertation or final examination. Sometimes, only regular presence during the classes is enough to complete such studies. The conditions of completing post-graduate studies are set by their organizer.

A student receives Bachelor or Master’s degree after completing Bachelor or Master’s studies. The diploma is free of charge and issued in the Polish language. The diploma might be also issued in other language (English, German, French, Spanish or Russian) on the student’s request.