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Non-EU citizens

In order to study in Poland, a foreigner who is a non-EU citizen needs a student visa which enables studying in Poland. Foreigners who come from countries which are partly or completely exempted from a visa obligation, do not need a student visa. The current list of countries whose citizens can enter Poland without a visa is available at the website of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In order to get a student visa, a foreigner needs to submit an application at a Polish consulate in the country of residence. Detailed information on formal requirements concerning visa application and required documents is available in Visas.
A foreigner who is applying for a visa in order to study in Poland is exempted from a visa fee.
A visa is issued for a limited period of time usually shorter than the period of studying in Poland. Therefore, in order to legalize their further residence in Poland a foreign student needs to apply for a temporary residence permit. The application is submitted at a Polish voivodeship department relevant to the foreigner’s Polish place of residence. The application must be submitted within 45 days before the residence period end set by a visa or a visa expiration date. The temporary residence permit for a foreign student is issued for up to 1 year. A foreign student who would like to continue studying in Poland needs to apply at a Polish voivodeship department for another temporary residence permit within 45 days before the previous permit expires.
Detailed information on a temporary residence permit and formal requirements concerning the permit application available in: