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EU citizens

EU citizens have the right to enter Poland without a visa, they only need a passport or an ID document and they can stay in Poland for up to 3 months without the need of completing any documents.
However, in order to study in Poland, a foreigner (EU citizen) has to legalize their residence which will certainly be longer than 3 months. Residence related to commencing studies in Poland can be legalized after submitting an application at a voivodeship department relevant to a foreigner’s place of residence. The application needs to be submitted the day after the period of 3 months since the entry of an EU citizen into Poland at the latest. A certificate confirming the admission of an EU citizen into a Polish university should be attached to the application. The residence registration is immediate and an EU citizen receives a certificate confirming the residence registration. More in: Residence registration application for an EU citizen.
The situation looks different for an EU citizen’s family members who do not have EU citizenship. In order to enter Poland and commence studies they need a student visa and a passport. The visa is issued to enable studying in Poland. People who come from a country which is partly or completely exempted from a visa obligation are exempted from the requirement of having a student visa. The current list of countries whose citizens can enter Poland without a visa is available at the website of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
In order to get a visa, a foreigner who is a member of an EU citizen’s family needs to apply for a student visa at a Polish consulate in the country of their origin. Issuing a student visa is free of charge. Detailed information about the application and necessary documents that need to be attached is available in: Visas.
While staying in Poland on the basis of a valid student visa, a member of an EU citizen’s family should legalize their residence before the residence period end defined by a visa or the visa expiration date. In order to legalize their stay a foreigner should apply at a voivodeship department at a Polish place of their residence for a residence card for a member of an EU citizen’s family. A certificate confirming their admission to a Polish university should be attached. After a positive consideration of the application, a foreigner receives a residence card valid for up to 5 years.
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