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Registration of the residence of up to 3 months

The following documents shall be provided in the case of the residence registration of up to 3 months:

• a valid travel document (passport), or – in the case of the EU citizen – another valid document confirming the identity and citizenship;

• in the case of a non-EU national: a document that forms the basis of legal residence on the Polish territory (e.g. visa, if required, the decision to grant a fixed-term domicile permit, residence card) – for more information about visas, see the section Visas; the information on a fixed-term domicile and the residence card for a non-EU national can be found in the section Legalization of the residence in Poland – non-EU nationals;

• for inspection – a document confirming the owner’s or tenant’s legal title to the property (e.g., a deed, rental agreement, etc.).

One should also provide the address of a temporary residence and its intended duration as well as the date of crossing the border.