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Residence registration duty

Every foreigner after having crossed the Polish border with the intention of a temporary residence in Poland is obliged to follow residence registration duty. It means that the foreigner must notify the relevant office (municipal office or county office) about the address of his new residence in that city or town.

The notification should be made by a foreigner before the fourth day, counting from the moment of crossing the Polish border.

The foreigners who stay in the hotel, in the facility that provides dwelling premises in connection with studies (e.g. dormitory), medical treatment (e.g. hospital, clinic) or recreation (e.g., motel, B & B) are exempt from the obligation to register their residence. These individuals follow the residence registration duty at the manager of the facility or at the authorized employee of that facility (hotel, dormitory, hospital, etc.) within 24 hours of arrival.

The proof of following the residence registration duty is required, inter alia, in the course of the procedures for the legalization of the foreigner’s residence, if this foreigner resides in the Polish territory (see: Legalization of the residence in Poland – EU nationals and Legalization of the residence in Poland – non-EU nationals). A failure by the foreigner to follow the residence registration duty constitutes an offence punishable by a penalty of restricted liberty, monetary penalty (fine) or a reprimand.