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An application for a settlement permit

The application for a settlement permit should be filed on the official form in the Polish language in the province office where the foreigner resides.

In the case when before the expiry of a legitimate period of the foreigner’s residence in the Polish territory there was no valid decision issued concerning a settlement permit, the competent authority (i.e. the province office) issues a national visa to the foreigner for a period of residence until issuing a decision on the said permit. After granting a settlement permit, the national visa will be cancelled.

A foreigner can apply for a settlement permit only on the Polish territory (the application cannot be filed abroad).

The application for a settlement permit shall be attached with the following:

• photographs;

• the documents necessary to confirm the data contained in the application and circumstances justifying the application for a settlement permit;

• the receipt of having paid a stamp duty

A stamp duty for granting a settlement permit amounts to 640 PLN, and for issuing the residence card – to 50 PLN. The fee for a permit is payable in the cashier’s office of the competent municipal office or in the form of a bank transfer to the bank account of this office. In turn, the fee for issuing the residence card is payable to the bank account of the province office which issues the card. Bank account numbers of individual offices are available on their websites.