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Knowledge of the Polish language

Knowing the Polish language is not an essential requirement of applying to a university in Poland. Currently, most universities offer a lot of specializations in foreign languages (e.g. English). When applying for such a specialization, a foreign candidate should prove they know the language in which they are going to study by providing official language certificates (can be a certificate from a post-primary school where classes were run in the specified language).

A foreigner who is a student of the other than Polish specialization can attend Polish courses organized by Polish universities. The course can be attended for private purposes or in order to prepare for other Polish courses or studies.
If, however, a foreigner would like to apply for a specialization whose classes are run in Polish then they have to finish a year’s course of Polish which prepares for Polish studies. The requirement applies to all kinds of studies. The course does not have to be attended by foreigners who:

  • have an official certificate confirming knowledge of the Polish language or
  • will get a confirmation from a university that their knowledge of Polish is satisfactory