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What requirements must be met by a foreigner in order to study in Poland?

The requirements are the same for all foreigners, both EU and non-EU citizens.

A foreigner applying to a Polish university must meet the following requirements:

  • must have documents confirming their legal stay in Poland, e.g. a visa, a residence card or other documents entitling to a legal stay in Poland

A type of a required document depends on whether a foreigner is a EU citizen or not. It is caused by different regulations concerning legalization of stay in Poland among EU and non-EU countries. More information at Foreigners in Poland.

  • must have a medical certificate confirming their good health condition which allows for applying to a particular specialization; some specializations like medical or technical ones might require additional health certificates
  • must have an insurance policy valid for the period of studying in case of an illness or accident, or the European Health Insurance Card or apply for insurance at the Polish National Health Fund right after commencing studies
  • must prove their knowledge of a language in which they are going to study by providing confirmation documents, such as a language certificate, a school or university graduation certificate; the documents must confirm the knowledge of a language in which a foreigner is going to study; if they are going to study in Polish, then it might be necessary to finish a year's course in that language
  • must have documents confirming graduation from schools or universities in Poland or abroad which allow applying to a Polish university (e.g. certificates confirming graduation from a secondary school or a university); certificates and diplomas issued abroad must be legalized in Poland (officially recognized)