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Residence card replacement

A foreigner is obliged to replace the residence card in the following cases:

• change of the data contained therein;

• change in the appearance that impedes the foreigner’s identification;

• damage to the card to the extent that impedes its use;

• loss or destruction of the card.

The application for a residence card replacement shall be filed on the official form in the Polish language in the province office where the foreigner resides. The fee for a residence card replacement amounts to 50 PLN and it is payable in the cashier’s office of the relevant province office or in the form of a bank transfer to the bank account of that office. Bank account numbers are available on their websites.

The application for a residence card replacement should be attached with the following:

• photographs;

• documents that prove the circumstances indicated in the application;

• the receipt of having paid the said fee in the amount of 50 PLN.

When filing the application the foreigner must also present a valid travel document (passport).

In particularly justified cases, if the foreigner applying for a residence card replacement does not have and cannot obtain a valid travel document, s/he can provide another document confirming his/her identity.