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Documents attached to the application

The application for a fixed-term domicile permit shall be attached with the following:

• a photocopy of a passport;

• a proof of having registered the residence in a given town;

• photographs;

• in case of the first application – a birth certificate along with a sworn translation into Polish;

• a proof of having paid a stamp duty in the amount of 390 PLN (for granting a fixed-term domicile permit and issuing a residence card);

Moreover, the application should be attached with the following:

• in case of taking up or intention to take up work in Poland – a promise or a promise renewal of issuing work permit or the employer’s written statement of an intention to entrust the foreigner with the work – if work permit is not required (see Working in Poland);

• in case of a person who is married to a Polish citizen – a current certified copy of the marriage certificate and a photocopy of the spouse’s identity card or a passport;

• in case of a person who takes up or continues the studies – a certificate issued by the university that proves the fact of the admission to the university or continuation of the studies;

• in the case of a person who intends to start business or who already runs business activity –documents related to conducting business and a certificate from the Polish tax office and the Polish social security office (ZUS) which constitute the proof that the foreigner has no tax arrears or arrears in respect of social security payments;

• in another case – the documents confirming the declared purpose of the residence;

• in the case of foreigners who take up the employment, who run business activity or who study in Poland – the application should be moreover attached with the confirmation of health insurance, proof of having financial means necessary to cover the costs of residence and the legal title to the occupied dwelling (e.g. rental agreement), together with confirmation of the incurred costs of dwelling.

In addition, the foreigner who applies for a fixed-term domicile permit on account of:

• obtaining a promise of issuing work permit;

• conducting business activity;

• family reunification;

• a 5-year-long residence on the Polish territory as the foreigner’s family member;
• holding a residence permit for a long-term resident of the European Communities in another European Union Member State;

• taking up or continuing education or vocational training in Poland;

must attach the application with the relevant contract providing the right to occupy a dwelling in which he resides or intends to reside (e.g. tenancy agreement).