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A stay of more than 3 months

In order to stay in the Polish territory for a period longer than 3 months, a foreigner must obtain a domicile permit for a fixed term. Obtaining such a permit will be possible if the foreigner substantiates the need to stay in Poland longer than 3 months. Typical cases that justify obtaining a domicile permit for a fixed term are the following:

  • holding work permit in Poland or the employer’s written statement of his intention to entrust work to the foreigner, if work permit is not required (more on this in chapter Working in Poland);
  • participation in training and vocational internships, organized within the European Union programs;
  • being married to a Polish citizen;
  • being a minor child of a foreigner who was born in Poland and who stays in this territory unattended;
  • being a minor child of a foreigner who has a fixed-term domicile permit, and who was born in the Polish territory;
  • holding a residence permit for a long-term resident of the European Communities, granted by other Member State of the European Union, and the intention of performing work or doing business in Poland, or taking up or continuing the studies in Poland;
  • the intention to take up or continue full-time higher education or full-time doctoral studies in Poland, even if the foreigner has previously studied in another European Union Member State and he intends to continue or complete the latter studies in Poland;
  • being a scientist who stays on Polish territory in order to conduct scientific research under a contract with the scientific institution approved by the minister responsible for science.

In addition, foreigners may also obtain a fixed-term domicile permit in the following circumstances:

  • when they intend to take up or to continue their education or vocational training in Poland;
  • because of family bonds they intend to join the Polish citizen or the citizen of another EU Member State who have their domicile in Poland or to stay with them;
  • they demonstrate the existence of other relevant circumstances than those listed above, which justify the need to stay in Poland.

Each of the above circumstances that could be the basis for a foreigner’s application for a fixed-term domicile permit should justify the foreigner’s domicile in Poland for a period longer than 3 months.
A foreigner applying for a fixed-term domicile permit in order to work, do business or study in Poland must have:

  • health insurance coverage or proof that the insurer shall cover medical expenses in Poland, and
  • stable and regular source of income sufficient to cover the costs of providing for oneself and the family members that the foreigner supports; this condition is met even if the foreigner’s costs of subsistence are covered by his family member who is responsible for his maintenance and who is a legitimate resident in the Polish territory;
  • sufficient funds to cover the subsistence costs and the costs of return in case of students and scientists living on Polish territory in connection with carrying out a research project. The students should also prove that they are provided with the funds to cover the costs of their studies.

Yet, the financial requirements listed above do not apply to:

  • the spouses of Polish citizens;
  • minor children of the foreigners holding a fixed-term domicile permit who were born in Poland;
  • the foreigners who take part in trainings and professional internships.