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Moving across the Schengen zone on the basis of national visa

It is the Schengen visa that basically entitles to the movement and residence within the territory of the Schengen zone (see: Schengen zone).

Nonetheless, the holders of a national visa with the symbol "D" can move within the territory of the Schengen zone for up to three months within six-month period if they meet other conditions to enter the Schengen countries, namely:

• they have a valid travel document (passport);

• they will justify the purpose and conditions of the intended stay and they have sufficient financial means of subsistence both during the intended stay as well as for the return to the country of origin or for the transit to a third country where this person has been granted the entrance, or they are able to legally acquire such means;

• they are not entered into the Schengen Information System as people to be refused the entry into the Schengen zone.