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Registration of the invitation

In order for an invitation to be effective it must be recorded in the registry of invitations maintained by the administrative body, referred to as the provincial office, competent for the place of residence (seat) of the inviting party.

The application to register the invitation is filed by the inviting party on a special form. The application template is available in each provincial office in Poland. The application must be attached with the following documents:

• a document confirming the right to use the apartment which the inviting party will provide to the foreigner after entering the territory of Poland (e.g. deed of an apartment or a lease contract);

• the documents confirming the fact of having financial means to support the foreigner during his stay in Poland (e.g. bank statement);

• a receipt of paying a stamp duty amounting to 27 zlotys; a stamp duty is payable by bank transfer on the account of the relevant municipal office; bank account numbers are available on the websites of municipal offices;

• a proof of the identity of the inviting party (only to present it), i.e. a passport, identity card (ID), a residence card. For more information on residence cards, see the chapter [art:]Legalization of the stay in Poland.

Moreover, in some cases, the inviting party should attach the application for registering the invitation with additional documents. These are as follows:

• if the inviting party is the entity that runs business in Poland, the application for registration shall be attached with:

○ a certificate of the registration in the appropriate business registry (such as the register of business activity, the register of entrepreneurs);

○ a certificate from the tax office about the amount of income in the previous year, or a completed tax return (PIT for individuals or CIT for legal entities) with the receipt of filing such form or of sending it by mail to the tax office;

○ a statement about the state statistical number (REGON) (the state statistical number as well as the certificate of granting it are issued by the Polish Statistical Office);

• if the inviting party is the Polish association, then the application for registration shall be attached with:

○ a valid copy of the Polish register of associations;

○ a resolution of the board of the association on the invitation of the foreigner.

The documents attached to the application shall be submitted in copies. The original versions of these documents shall be produced for the inspection of the office.

The proceedings of registering the invitation last for 30 days from the date of filing the application. If the application is favourably considered, the inviting party personally collects the registered invitation.

The registered invitation is valid for one year from the date of its registration.