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The content of the invitation

Polish regulations strictly determine what should be included in the content of the invitation. Accordingly, the invitation shall include:

1. The data of the inviting person:

○ in case of a natural person – name(s), surname, date and place of birth, citizenship, address, phone number, type, series and number of identity document or

○ in case of a company or organization – name, REGON number (namely statistical number that is assigned by the Polish statistical office), address of the registered office and telephone number;

2. Name(s), surname, date and place of birth, gender, nationality, address, series and number of travel document of the invited foreigner and the degree of relationship with the inviting person;

3. Name(s), surname, date of birth and gender of the spouse and children of the invited foreigner, if they are invited;

4. The commitment of the inviting person to cover the costs associated with the foreigner’s stay, including the cost of accommodation and possible medical treatment, the cost of the return to the country of origin or residence or the cost of transit to a third country which will grant the entry permission, as well as the cost of deportation from the territory of the Republic of Poland;

5. Accommodation address of the invited foreigner;

6. Determination of the time for which the inviting person invited the foreigner;

7. Determination of the purpose of the foreigner’s stay;

8. The signature of the inviting person.