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A national visa

A national visa entitles to stay on Polish territory for a period longer than 3 months but not longer than for 1 year. A national visa is marked with "D" symbol.

A national visa may be issued, among others, for the following purposes:

  • tourism;
  • visit;
  • carrying out work;
  • running business activity;
  • studying;
  • implementing the residence permit for a fixed period;
  • implementing the settlement permit;
  • implementing a residence permit for a long-term EC resident, etc.

National visa may be also issued:

  • for the purpose of repatriation to Poland (the so-called repatriation visa);
  • in order to resettle, for the family members of repatriates;
  • in order to enjoy the entitlements provided by the Polish Card, etc.

A national visa "D" entitles to:

  • stay in Poland for the period specified in the visa (more than 3 months but not longer than 1 year) and
  • additionally, to move in the Schengen zone countries for up to three months in a six-month long period (for more information on this, see section Moving in the Schengen zone on the basis of national visa).

The rule is that the foreigner shall leave the Polish territory before the expiry of the period of authorized stay as defined in the national visa.

National visa shall be inserted in the form of a visa sticker in the travel document (passport), and in special cases, justified by the foreigner’s interest, on a separate form for affixing visas.