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Application for visa extension

The application for visa extension (Schengen or national) is filed on the official form. The form must be completed in Polish language, in capitals. If the documents attached to the application are drawn in a foreign language, they must be accompanied by a translation made by a Polish sworn translator.

The application for visa extension should be attached with the following:

• the documents that prove the sufficient means of subsistence for an additional period of residence;

• the documents confirming the purpose of the foreigner’s stay in Poland and the need to extend the visa;

• the travel document (passport) – for inspection;

• the documents of health insurance or travel medical insurance with a minimum amount of EUR 30,000, which is valid for a period of the foreigner’s intended stay in the Polish territory, in order to cover any expenses that may arise during his stay in this territory due to the need to return for medical reasons, the need of urgent medical assistance, emergency hospital treatment or death;

• travel medical insurance – in case of Schengen visa extension;

• documents justifying the other circumstances specified in the application.

The application for visa extension is subject to the payment of stamp duty:

• the extension of Schengen visa – EUR 30, payable in PLN after conversion of the equivalent amount of euro to zlotys, according to the reference value of the euro announced by the European Central Bank on the last working day preceding the day of applying for visa extension;

• extension of the national visa – 406 PLN.

The fee is payable by the bank transfer to the bank account of a given municipal office in Poland, in which the foreigner applies for visa extension. Bank account numbers are available on the websites of the respective municipal offices in particular cities.

The application for visa extension is filed in the province office where the foreigner resides.

The application for visa extension (Schengen or national visa) should be submitted at least 3 days before the expiry of the residence marked in the visa held by the foreigner. The exception is when the foreigner is hospitalized. In such a situation he can apply for visa extension on the last day of the residence indicated in the visa.

The application for visa extension filed after the deadline shall not be verified. In practice this means that the foreigner cannot hope to have the visa extended.
If the application for visa extension has been filed by the foreigner within the prescribed period, the competent authority shall include a stamp imprint in the foreigner’s travel document (passport), which proves that the application for visa extension (Schengen or a national one) has been filed.

If the application for visa extension does not include any formal defects or if the latter have been completed on time, the foreigner’s residence in the Polish territory is considered legitimate from the date of filing the application for visa extension until a final decision on the extension of Schengen visa or the national visa has been issued.

The foreigner’s period of residence on the basis of the extended visa shall not exceed the period of residence provided for Schengen visa or national visa.