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How to extend a visa?

The rule is that the foreigner must leave the Polish territory before the expiry of the period of stay specified in the visa and before the expiry of the visa. In some cases, the foreigner residing in Poland, may extend the visa.

In order to extend the Schengen visa the foreigner should:
• demonstrate that due to force majeure or humanitarian reasons he cannot leave the territory of the Schengen area before the expiry of the visa or before the expiry of the residence period indicated in the visa;
• provide evidence of important personal reasons justifying the extension of visa.

National visa can be extended if the foreigner’s important interests (personal or professional) or humanitarian reasons weigh in favour of extension, and the events that constitute the reason for applying for visa extension are independent of the foreigner’s will and could not be foreseen by him at the date of applying for visa.

Nevertheless, visa extension is not allowed when the circumstances indicate that the purpose of the foreigner’s residence in Poland will be different than declared, or in case of the circumstances related to the foreigner that would justify refusal of issuing the visa. More on the refusal to issue a visa, see Refusal to issue a visa.