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How to obtain a national visa?

A foreigner interested in obtaining a national visa must submit an application on an official request form in the Polish consular office. Application forms are available in Polish consular offices or on their websites.

The application filed at the Polish consulate should be filled in Polish language or foreign language indicated by the consul. If the documents enclosed with the application are drawn in a foreign language, they must be accompanied by a translation prepared by the Polish sworn translator.

A visa application must be properly justified, i.e. the foreigner must justify the purpose of the entry and residence in Poland.

The application for a national visa must be attached with:

  • a recent photograph of the person concerned; the photograph must be in colour, 35 mm x 45 mm, made in the past 6 months on a single bright background; the photograph is supposed to represent the person without a hat or dark glasses, looking straight ahead with eyes open, not hidden with hair with a natural facial expression and closed mouth;
  • a passport (only for inspection) with the validity of at least 3 months from the date of the planned completion of the stay in Poland;
  • documents justifying the purpose of entry and residence in Polish territory, for example:
    • in the event of a visit – an invitation registered with the province office (more on this in section Invitations,
    • in case of the intention of taking up business activity in Poland – the document that proves the fact of running business activity in the country of origin,
    • in case of the intention of taking up work in Poland – a work permit in Poland, or a promise to issue such a permit (more on this in section Working in Poland,
    • in case of the intention to pursue scientific, cultural, press or sport activities in Poland – an invitation issued by the Polish scientific or cultural institution, association or sports club, newspaper editors, etc.
    • in case of the intention to study in Poland – the documents which prove meeting the conditions necessary to be accepted at the Polish university (e.g., a document issued by the Polish university certifying the acceptance of the candidate’s qualifications to take up studies in Poland in accordance with Polish law),
  • documents which prove that one possesses or has the possibility of obtaining funds to cover subsistence costs during their stay in Poland and the costs of the return to their country of residence (e.g. bank statement for the past 3-6 months; Invitations);
  • health insurance or travel medical insurance in the minimum amount of insurance of 30,000 Euro, which is valid during one’s stay in Poland and which covers any expenses that may arise during this stay in connection with the need to provide medical assistance or emergency hospital treatment.

Travel document (passport) presented when applying for a visa must meet the following requirements:

• the period of validity of the passport expires no earlier than 3 months before the expiration of the requested visa;

• it contains at least two blank pages (visa shall be indicated mostly in the form of visa sticker);

• it has been issued within the last 10 years.