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Who issues visas?

Visas (both national visa and Schengen visa), as a rule are issued or denied by the consul of the Republic of Poland. In special cases, the Schengen visa can be also issued by the commander of Border Guards when crossing the Polish border.

In order to obtain Schengen visa at the border crossing, a foreigner must prove that s/he could not apply for it earlier, and if necessary, demonstrate that some absolute and unforeseeable reasons justify the need for his/her entry into the Schengen zone. In this case, the foreigner may be released from the obligation to have medical insurance, if it is not available at the border crossing or if some humanitarian reasons militate in favour of it. For more information on medical insurance as a condition for entry into the territory of the Republic of Poland, see section Rules of the entry to Poland – non-EU nationals.

Schengen visa issued at border crossing entitles you to stay in Poland for a period not exceeding 15 days. It may be issued as a visa of a limited territorial validity (limited to the territory of one or a few selected countries of the Schengen zone). More about the Schengen zone, see section Schengen zone.