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One of the conditions to be met by a foreigner (non-EU citizen), in order to obtain a residence visa to Poland (national visa) is to have sufficient means of subsistence for the duration of the intended stay and for the return to the country of origin or residence.
The document which proves that the foreigner has the above means of subsistence is usually a bank statement, a credit card or traveller’s cheques.

The document that proves the fact of having means of subsistence may also be an invitation to enter Poland which was granted to the foreigner.

The invitation must be issued by:

• Polish citizen residing in Poland,

• EU citizen or his/her family member living in Poland and having the right of residence,

• a foreigner residing in Poland legally and continuously for 5 years, or authorized to settle or granted residence permit for a long-term EC resident,

• the company or other organization which has its registered office in Poland (such organization may be Polish association, foundation, etc.).

The invitation requires the person who invites the foreigner to cover any costs associated with the foreigner’s stay in Poland, including the costs of accommodation, maintenance, possible medical treatment or deportation of the foreigner from Poland.