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Rules of the entry to Poland – non-EU nationals

Crossing the Polish border by a foreigner - a national of non-EU countries is more formalized than in the case of nationals of EU countries. When entering the Polish territory, the foreign national who is not EU citizen must have a valid travel document (passport) and a valid visa, if required. The exception is when the entry into Poland takes place solely for the purpose of transit (that is going through Poland). If this is the case, then it is sufficient that the foreigner has a permission to enter another country or a residence permit in another country, if they are required there. Besides, when entering the Polish territory, a non-EU national must meet additional conditions. They are as follows: An alien must justify the purpose and conditions of their stay on the Polish territory, and have sufficient means of subsistence for the duration of their stay in Poland, as well as for the time of the return to their country of origin (residence) or transit to a third country, or they have to possess some document that proves the possibility of obtaining such means.

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